Finished || Spanish Celebrations Board

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Our family and friend's birthday board shows family and friends birthdays using a star disc for immediate family and circles for friends, hearts for anniversary. We will laser engrave all the disks and attach the discs to the correct month using the jump rings. Please note that during transit it is very common for some of the jump rings to come off. They are easy to put back together. During transit some of the jump rings may come off. No worries, this is an easy fix and they can all be put back together. It does not mean your board is faulty.

The board itself is made from a gorgeous ¼” walnut while the word “Celebrate” and all disks are cutout of 1/8” Baltic Birch. The discs are left natural and we are not offering painted discs at this time. Silver-coated jump rings are used to connect the discs. In addition, a jute-like rope is used for hanging.

The months of the year along with the words "family and friends" are laser engraved into the wood sign.

The listing includes 15 discs but more additional ones may be ordered at any time.

Please send us the following information. Triple check dates, please. Once they are sent we will not be able to change anything.

Immediate Family Birthday – Star Discs
List all months and days

Family Friends Birthday – Circle Discs
List all months and days

Anniversary Circles – Heart Discs
List all months and days