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Our current TAT (turn around times) are:

1 to 3 Business Days:
• Coffee Mugs
• Key Holders
• Printed Doormats
• Christmas Ornaments
• Wood Decor

5 to 7 days Business Days:
• Any item not in our current collection (ex: special order materials, items in transit to us)

Backordered With No Confirmed Date:
• Hand Painted Doormats
• Waffle Weave Dish Towels
• Pillow Covers

The above information is subject to change at any time and will be updated to reflect our current inventory numbers and daily demand/workflow.

Please note that TAT is considered the length of time between your order/payment being confirmed and your order being shipped – TAT does NOT include shipping time. Shipping time is dependent on the shipping method you select during the checkout process.

The term "Business Days" consists of every official work day of the week. These are the days between and including Monday through Friday, and do not include public holidays and weekends.

Mike and Debbie Leone

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